Meet my happy boys

I live my life with Five Monkeys. With all of the bans on owning Primates, I thought I would share our life and help educate people. There is so much misinformation on the news, I was hoping to show the good side.  

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I want to share a web site that has the most information to read. When I bought Louie I was left on my own. Wild Animal World who I bought him from are brokers and once they got the money, then I couldn't count on them for any help. I ran across Linda's web site and decided to send her an e-mail not really expecting her to answer my call for help. But she did. And even though she didn't know anything about Louie, she put me in touch with other people that did. You can count on her to give help or find the right people who can.

My boys also wear the cloth diapers that she makes. And their "Tushies" are very happy!

Primate Breeder I Recommend 

I bought my Bonnets, Bernie Macq and Poppy from Mac Stoutz. He has been a breeder who is there to give advice, who I could reach by phone when I had a question about Poppy AND almost 2 years later he enjoys getting pictures and videos to see how the boys are doing.

Unlike Wild Animal World who only cared about the money and not about Louie.

Mac at 504-259-0884

Visit Mac's web site at for more details.

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